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The Advantage Series® full face mask

The Advantage Series full face masks protect from leaks with a triple seal while adapting to facial features.


The Advantage Series® nasal mask

The Advantage Series nasal mask provides feature-rich options with a small footprint.


TheraPEP® Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) system

The TheraPEP PEP therapy system is an easy-to-use system indicated for the mobilization of secretions for patients with secretion...


TMX428CP treadmill

The Trackmaster TMX428CP treadmill features smooth belt operation and an easy-to-access low-profile deck for clinical and sports...


T-piece resuscitator kits

Our T-piece resuscitator helps enable clinicians to provide respiratory support to the most delicate neonatal patients.


Trach care kits

AirLife® tracheostomy care and cleaning kits help keep patient airways clear.


Trach ties and bite block

Our AirLife® tracheostomy ties and bite block securely fit patients to help stabilize the trach tube.


Tri-Flo™ subglottic suction system

The Tri-Flo™ subglottic suction system allows placement of a suction catheter above the ETT cuff for removal of secretions in orally...


Tubing and connectors

The AirLife® portfolio offers a variety of tubing and connector styles to support many oxygen delivery devices.



The UltraBlender has the same specifications as the Bird™ Blender low flow but with two pressure compensated flow meters.


Unit dose saline and sterile water solutions

Air Life ® irrigation solutions and Modudose ® unit dose saline feature tamper-evident containers for suction and irrigation...


Vacuum regulators

We offer Ohio Medical Push-To-Set™ and Amvex vacuum regulators with digital and analog options.


VELA® ventilator

The VELA ventilator with precision servo controlled gas delivery turbine and active exhalation gives you the performance you need to...


Veraseal® 2 disposable mask

The Veraseal 2 disposable mask, offered in both vented and non-vented versions, brings AIR ® gel technology to the acute care...


VIAsprint™ 150P and Ergoselect 600 Recumbent Ergometer

The VIAsprint bike is mechanically constructed for uninterrupted operation.


Vmax Vyntus™ CPX

Vmax Vyntus CPX helps accurately and reliably measure ventilation, VO2 and VCO2 for people from patients to athletes.


Vmax Vyntus™ ECG

Vmax Vyntus ECG is lightweight and developed for wireless integration via Bluetooth ® technology with the versatile Vmax Vyntus CPX...


Vmax Vyntus™ SPIRO

Vmax Vyntus SPIRO works with a stationary PC for accurate lung function testing and with a compact notebook for portable spirometry.


Vmax® Autobox V62J and V62W system

The Vmax Autobox provides pressure-compensated flow technology in a spacious cabin, increasing test capabilities while decreasing test...


Vmax® Encore metabolic cart

The Vmax Encore metabolic cart offers cardiopulmonary stress testing and indirect calorimetry testing as a stand-alone device or with a...

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