Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

Vyntus™ CPX Metabolic Cart

Performing CPET tests can be complex and difficult, especially after peripheral devices are added. Vyntus™ CPX stands out from all other metabolic carts, as many new features now make CPET testing easy to learn and perform.


Vyntus™ CPX has taken the hassle out of CPET testing by integrating hardware and software peripherals, utilizing pre-exercise hardware and software checks, automating flow sensor calibration, and incorporating software that actually helps guide users through performing the best test possible. Test completed? The Vyaire software platform can also assist with data cleanup and assessment.


Features & Benefits

  • Gas analyzer technology improvements – 75ms response time and a unique “Tool-free“ O2 fuel cell change
  • Proven Digital Volume Transducer (DVT) flow sensor technology provides accurate and reliable flow/volume measurements in the complete range of low-to-high flow
  • Interfaces seamlessly with numerous ECGs for comprehensive CPET testing on a single curved wide screen, which we call Big Cinema.
  • Automated volume calibration ensures consistency, saves time and hassle
  • On-board pulse oximetry with finger, ear-clip and forehead sensors
  • Powered by SentrySuite™ with cues and guidance during measurement and post-test workflow to help standardize evaluations and reduce time to results
  • Smart tools automate pre-test setup and provide timed cues & guidance for events required during the test (e.g.: blood pressure, RPE signaling, exercise flow volume loops, etc.)

Product Video

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