CardioSoft ECG

CardioSoft is a CAM-USB hardware, PC-based 12-Lead ECG system that is the perfect extension of your metabolic cart, providing you with clinical excellence for complete cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET).

The CardioSoft ECG system is a comprehensive system for precise acquisition, evaluation and reporting of your ECG data, but it is also surprisingly easy to use. Everything is on the main testing screen and quickly accessible with a simple mouse click.

Features & Benefits

  • Exchangeable lead wires
  • Provides continuous storage of up to 12 leads for safety and color-coded arrhythmias for easy viewing
  • Monitors all 12 leads and displays the single lead with largest ST segment change from baseline directly on the screen for easy viewing
  • Relevant data, including patient demographics, is shared between CardioSoft and our Vyntus CPX to reduce the chance of errors by duplicate entries
  • The cubic spline and finite residual filtering of CardioSoft provides baseline correction and artifact resolution, with ST measurements
  • The comprehensive interface encompasses a wide range of treadmills and cycle ergometers sold by Vyaire

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