You want to get the most out of your Vyaire investment?
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Breath easy knowing your Vyaire products are cared for by our expert team of service professionals.

Why in-person? Respiratory Diagnostics Support is just what the clinician ordered.

We rest only when we know you are taken care of and satisfied completely.


You only earn revenue when your equipment is operational.


That's why our support isn't only available by phone.


And why we send well-trained Vyaire service team members - some with as many as 20 years' experience - to support our customers and equipment.


In fact, many are registered respiratory therapists, exercise physiologists, biomedical professionals, certified instructors, project managers, and IT systems specialists - some of whom were once Vyaire customers themselves!


We Are Committed to Protecting Your Investment

At Vyaire, we prioritize customer success and satisfaction by providing multi-level, hands-on support from experienced professionals, helping to ensure the reliability and optimal performance of its respiratory diagnostics equipment.

  • Avoid unexpected expenses All programs provide repair coverage for major system components, monitors and printers.
  • Receive expedited shipping for parts and priority scheduling for on-site service Vyntus Protect customers take top priority. Our goal is to get parts and a technician to you fast, especially when your system is down.
  • Save on frequently used parts and services When fully leveraged, the program discount will deliver savings per program year.

Professional Services

Professional services including integrating equipment with your network database or EMR, improving workflows, customizing reports and predicted and software agreements.

You like choices, yes? Good. Pick the program that's right for you.

Service solutions designed to fit the scale and needs of your organization.

Choosing a Program

Choose from three Protect Service Programs to cover your Vyntus™ equipment, including accessories like bikes, treadmills and ECGs.


Major system component coverage for repairs

Computer, monitor, printer, keyboard, and mouse coverage for repairs

Minor system components and spare parts coverage for repairs

10% off list

10% off list

Routine replacement parts

10% off list

Expedite shipping for urgent parts needs

Ground shipping for routing/non-urgent parts needs

Phone & web-based support by factory-trained, certified Tech Support specialists for remove troubleshooting & guide solutions

Travel and on-site support by factory-trained, certified Field Service Technical for repairs

10% off list

10% off list

Travel and on-site support by factory-trained, certified Field Service Technical to complete System Quality Certifications

25% off list

25% off list

25% off list

Priority Field Service scheduling and on-site response when your system is down

2-5 Business Days

2-4 Business Days

1-2 Business Days

Biomed Technical Training Tuition

35% off list

35% off list

35% off list

Detailed Service Report provided following on-site service visits

Our trainer did a wonderful job of making us feel more comfortable with the equipment. This training was very beneficial for everyone in the class. He was very knowledgeable and patient with answering all of our questions.

- Post training survey respondent

In-Person Training

Vyaire Medical offers extensive training programs to meet respiratory care provider educational needs with classes applicable for mid-sized biomed teams, and large hospital networks. Classes can be delivered onsite or at the Vyaire headquarters training facility in Mettawa, Illinois or Hochberg, Germany. Training programs are created based on direct customer input and designed to meet the unique demands of busy healthcare professionals.

  • Optimal Student-to-Instructor Ratios You've got new equipment. Let's get it operational quickly and efficiently!
  • Flexible Scheduling Seasoned Vyaire instructors deliver training uniquely designed to meet the demands of busy healthcare professionals
  • Hands-On Experience Instructor led comprehensive hardware and software training with hands-on time for practical experience
  • Training for Busy Healthcare Professionals Seasoned Vyaire instructors deliver training uniquely designed to meet the demands of busy healthcare professionals

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