Professional Services

Integrating your Vyaire devices with a network database or your electronic medical record (EMR) system will improve cybersecurity and transform your team's efficiency.

What we offer

We offer integration packages to support varied needs and budgets, from physicians' offices to multi-lab environments.


Our highly skilled Professional Services team members will collaborate with you, your IT team, and project management to optimize success of your lab,


institution, or practice as you consider your integration options and move forward with implementation.


Integration Types

Maximize the capabilities

Improve cybersecurity

Store data within your data center, ensuring secure data with controlled access and backups. Encrypt passwords and data in transit. Automatically create SentrySuite users from your active directory.

Support standardization and scalability

Standardize reports and predicted sets across devices and locations. Read studies from multiple locations via review stations or Mobile Review, and gain an improved view of trends. Add new devices into your established environment as you grow.

Improve efficiency and accuracy

With an Interface Workflow Integration, send orders from your EMR to the testing device and send reports back to the patient record, eliminating manual data entry, risk of errors, and paper pushing.

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