Pulmonary Function Testing

SentrySuite™ Software Solution

I am pleased and full of gratitude that we are utilizing Mobile Review successfully throughout our 4 labs. This has made the process of MD interpretation efficient and organized as well as staff workflow less cumbersome. We were able to decrease our workflow from 15 steps to 4. The feedback from our physicians has been extremely positive. Staff satisfaction has increased. Congratulations on a wonderful product and providing a fantastic support system.

Respiratory Care Director, Pennsylvania

The Vyaire SentrySuite™ software platform powers all Vyntus™ and MasterScreen systems, making them incredibly easy to operate from system-to-system and test-to-test. The user interface provides guidance cues and quality control feedback to help technicians and patients achieve acceptable and repeatable results.


SentrySuite™ provides automated workflow processes that let you keep tabs on the status of every test, simplifying operations in even the busiest of labs.  Review and web-based Mobile Review applications allow lab staff to visually track each patient through the visit and interpretation processes.


SentrySuite™ seamlessly connects with your existing network and clinical infrastructures, making collaboration easy from everywhere.  All of this happens under an advanced umbrella of cybersecurity, with stringent access controls to keep sensitive patient information safe and protected. Visit our Knowledge Base and learn how the latest SentrySuite™ software helps you achieve the best possible results according to the latest ATS/ERS 2019 Spirometry guidelines.


Features & Benefits

  • Support for more than 20 PFT and CPET measurement methods
  • Provides consistent user interface, intuitive operation and quick learning
  • Derive data from mobile and stationary devices. Connect external equipment like blood gas analyzers and external load devices like bicycles and treadmills.
  • Exchange data and trigger workflows together with Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Highly configurable to be adapted to any medical center's needs
  • Workflow driven tools improve efficiency of daily work
  • Clinical Research functionality

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