High Flow Oxygen Therapy Mechanical Ventilation

bellavista™ 1000e Ventilator

Having AVM, a closed-looped modality, automatically adjust changes in the patient’s condition is like adding a full-time assistant to sit, watch, and adjust 24/7.

-Yuh-Chin Tony Huang, MD, Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine

The bellavista™ 1000e offers a full spectrum of high performance features in a compact size including:


Adaptive Ventilation Mode

A smart ventilation mode faster weaning and a reduction of manual settings

High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Improves the oxygenation of patients while enhancing patient comfort

Lung Recruitment Tool

provides an automated recruitment maneuver that is reliable and reproducible.

Synchrony tools

Improved patient synchrony with auto.sync, auto.rise and auto.leak


Foresee all ventilation settings with a comfortable and easy to use display 

Features & Benefits

The comprehensive features include:

  • Neonatal to Adult ICU ventilator with high definition 17.3” touchscreen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Adaptive Ventilation Mode
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy
  • Advanced NIV features
  • Lung Recruitment Tool
  • Minimum of 3 hours battery capacity


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