Respiratory Diagnostics Software Solutions

Empowering Our Devices

The Vyaire Respiratory Diagnostics software SentrySuite™ is going beyond just operating a device and offering measurement procedures. It also assists clinicians with workflow management, interpretation assistance and data integration. All this fully embedded in modern cybersecurity services and tools.

Software solution


Intuitively designed, our SentrySuite™ software is included in all Vyntus™ systems. SentrySuite™ seamlessly navigates the critical stages of the patient, technician, and physician journey during the testing and review processes, while prioritizing the security of patient and user data through robust cybersecurity tools. SentrySuite™ can readily be tailored for entire labs and interconnected devices.

Software solution

More Digital Solutions


Automated AI Interpretation Workflow support for lung function testing synthesized to the latest ERS/ATS standards.

Professional Services

Professional services including integrating equipment with your network database or EMR, improving workflows, customizing reports and predicted and software agreements.

Protected Health Information

We are committed to cybersecurity with our efforts and expertise to help protect you and your patients’ data.

Educational Resources

Stay on top of the latest information in Pulmonary Function, CPET and more.