Vyntus™ WALK Mobile Exercise Testing

Vyntus™ WALK allows patients to perform an untethered six-minute walk test (6MWT) by wearing wireless sensors that communicate data to a technician-held tablet PC.

The system is both patient- and technician-friendly and because we know a single sensor does not fit all clinical needs, comes with an array of easy-to-wear sensors. Because standardizing the complete testing process is critical to meaningful data for patient trending, Vyaire has integrated the complete ATS testing standards in the workflow-driven tablet software application. 

Features & Benefits

  • Standardize testing to the recommended American Thoracic Society (ATS) 6MWT protocol, because consistent testing yields consistent data for comparison
  • The patient wears a wireless Bluetooth™ wrist pulse oximeter that allows them to freely move through the course, untethered
  • Multiple oximetry sensors (finger, ear clip, forehead) come with each Vyntus WALK because not all patients are best-fit candidates for a finger probe
  • View real-time data graphically over time, or switch to the Easy-View mode with large numeric values for HR and SpO2
  • Quality checks and built-in guidance throughout testing helps ensure the credibility of your data
  • There is more to a 6MWT than HR and SpO2, and Vyntus WALK lets you manually enter blood pressure, oxygen supply, oxygen supply type, rate of perceived exertion and Bode index for a more complete patient test
  • Vyntus WALK can be run as a standalone device or the data can move in and out of SentrySuite™ software

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