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A comprehensive line of handheld and PC-based spirometers

Vyaire offer a broad range of spirometers to fit most health-related, clinical and research needs. Each spirometer has unique features to help you gain the most accurate and reliable test data from your patients. Our spirometers can be used as standalone devices or with Micro Medical Spirometry PC software (SPCS). Alternatively they can be integrated into JAEGER™, JLab database, Micro Medical database or SentrySuite Software.

Handheld Spirometers

Micro Medical offer a range of portable spirometers from popular COPD screening devices to pocket sized spirometers and diary applications offering full ATS/ERS compliance, pre and post bronchodilator measurements a choice of predicted values with spirometry quality checks to assist the user.

PC-based Spirometry

USB compatible PC based spirometers provide the advantage of turning your PC into a full spirometer without any additional requirements. PC based spirometers allow complete flexibility when office based allow or can be connected to a Laptop for offsite testing.

Spirometry Software

Our quality range of software products assist in making clinically intelligent diagnostic decisions in a busy clinical or healthcare environment. Spirometry software enables the user to have unlimited databases, trending of results, rapid computer feedback during the tests, instant result analysis along with networking and connectivity to hospital information systems.

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Spirometry Software, Firmware Downloads and eManuals

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