MasterScreen™ CPX metabolic cart

Easily obtain exercise stress testing data

The MasterScreen™ CPX metabolic cart helps quickly and easily run exercise stress tests and obtain high-quality testing data. The cart can also share the data with the electronic patient record.

Stress and energy testing

The metabolic cart takes a breath-by-breath gas exchange measurement for stress testing and energy expenditure.

Optimized and controlled training

The cart can determine basal metabolic rate and exercise-dependent energy expenditure, including macronutrient breakdown.

Accurate assessments

Dynamic flow volume loops help assess a ventilatory limitation due to possible distribution or diffusion disorder.

Reduced time and risk of error

The fully automated calibration of the flow sensor and gas analyzers reduces start-up time and potential for error.

Software enhancements

The software automates calculations, and displays color-coded normal and sub-program macros for user-definable controls.

Heart rate options

The metabolic cart offers 12-lead ECG and Polar heart rate options.

Data interpretation

IntelliSupport software guides you through data interpretation using an easy-to-follow graphical flowchart.

MasterScreen CPX metabolic
Volume/Gas measurements
Ventilation (VE)
Range: 0–300 L/min
Accuracy: 2% or 0.05 L/min
O2 uptake (VO2)
Range: 0–7 L/min
Accuracy: 3% or 0.05 L/min
CO2 release (VCO2)
Range: 0–7 L/min
Accuracy: 3% or 0.05 L/min
Range: 0.6–2.0
Accuracy: 4%

Flow/Volume gas measurements
Type: TripleV (flat fan)
Volume: 0–10 L
Volume accuracy: 50 mL or 2%
Resolution: 3 mL
Flow: 0–15 L/s
Flow accuracy: 70 mL/sec or 3%
Resistance: < 0.1 kPa/L/s at 15 L/s
Dead space: 30 mL
Weight: 45 g
O2 analyzer
Type: Electro chemical cell
Range: 0–25%
Resolution: 0.01% O2
T90: 80 ms (after filtering)
Accuracy: 0.05 vol%
CO2 analyzer
Type: Thermal conductivity
Range: 0–10%
Resolution: 0.005% CO2
T90: 80 ms (after filtering)
Accuracy: 0.05 vol%

Range: 700–1,060 mbar (525–795 mmHg)
Temperature (Temp)
Range: -10–+40 °C (14–104 °F)
Range: 15–95% (non-condensing)

Environmental requirements for modules
Temperature: 10–40 °C
Humidity: 15–95%, non-condensing
Temperature: -20–50 °C
Humidity: 15–95%, non-condensing

Console: 60 cm x 66 cm (23.6" x 26")
Required space: 90 cm x 120 cm (35.5" x 47.25")

Standards and electrical requirements
Quality system registration: ISO 13485
FDA: 510(k) market clearance
MDD 93/42/EEC: CE marked
Electrical safety: EN 60601-1
EMC: EN 60601-1-2
Electrical requirements (typical system)
Voltage: 100–240 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Phase: Single
Power: Max. 520 VA
Ground leakage current: < 300 µA at rated voltage

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