Vyaire Ventilators Have Direct Impact on Patients’ Care

Vyaire Ventilators Have Direct Impact on Patients’ Care

Product features are more than just bells and whistles. The various functions found on Vyaire Medical ventilators provide doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists with the critical tools they need to provide the best care to their patients.

Texas Health Resources (THR), which operates more than a dozen hospitals in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, recently purchased 100+ bellavista™ 1000e ventilators for deployment throughout the system.

“For the last month and a half we’ve been going around from hospital to hospital to do the installations and training,” said Michael Hewitt, a ventilation solutions specialist with Vyaire Medical. That all changed, however, one day in early May when Hewitt received a phone call from one of the hospitals.

It seems healthcare workers were having difficulty hearing the alarms on the existing ventilators that would go off when a patient’s ventilation tube disconnected. This not only made it difficult for the healthcare workers to do their jobs, but also put the patients in a potentially life-threatening situation. As a result, the hospital decided to move forward with the installation of its five bellavista 1000e ventilators.

Hewitt was called at around 11 am, and two hours later he and his team were on-site ready to transfer the hospital’s four COVID-19 patients to the new ventilators. “These were very, very sick patients, as people hospitalized with COVID are,” said Hewitt, who has been a clinician for 40 years. “We were able to transfer all four patients successfully and the ventilators have been performing flawlessly.”

The hospital staff was pleased with more than just the louder alarms. The bellavista 1000e also has an Animated Lung Function, which provides breath-by-breath analysis of the patient’s condition. And, the large monitors on the bellavista 1000e ventilators enable caregivers to monitor the patient from a safe distance.

Hewitt said it’s that kind of detailed monitoring that enables the doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists to provide their patients with the best individual care possible.

People with COVID-19 “are probably the sickest patients that have been on these ventilators since they’ve been out,” he said, noting the bellavista 1000e started in Europe but is relatively new to the United States. “And, there aren’t the same similarities from patient to patient. They’re all different.”

Needless to say,Hewitt is a big fan of the bellavista 1000e and the way it performs for both caregivers and patients. “I’m 66 years old. I didn’t retire because of this ventilator.”

For more information about Vyaire’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, visit the company’s COVID-19 Response Center.

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