Count on your Vyaire team to help optimize equipment performance.

When your device runs smoothly, your day runs smoothly.

We know how critical ventilators are to your hospital - and to your patients. That’s why we offer a wide range of service solutions to ensure optimal performance of your Vyaire ventilators throughout their entire useful life.

An added plus? Predictable service expenses and spreading the cost over the life of the program.

When you choose Vyaire support you get:

  • Service Programs

  • Flexible, You choose between In-house and outsourced.

  • Integrated Service

  • Field repair, factory repair, customer service, together as one.

  • Customization

  • Your unique situation deserves solutions designed for you.

  • Our People

  • Exclusively Vyaire, highly trained in Vyaire products and services.

  • Program Design

  • Discounts and fixed rates mean expense predictability.

  • Quality Commitment

  • Exclusively Vyaire parts, validated for our ventilators.


You like choices, yes? Good.
Pick the program that's right for you.


Biomed Partnership

  • For the Customer with an in-house, on-staff Biomed Department that manages break-fix repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Provides technical training and significant value through discounts
  • Maintains a connection with Vyaire Service through an ongoing development webinar subscription

Preventive Maintenance

  • For the Customer who desires support for annual preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Provides a factory-trained and certified technician to inspect the equipment and perform the PM on an annual basis
  • Includes PM kit

Total Service

  • For the Customer seeking total peace of mind and the highest level of predictability in service expenses
  • Provides on-site support by our factory-trained and certified technicians, along with associated service parts

Program Benefits

No matter which multi-year program you choose, you'll:


SAVE to 15% on program pricing

LOCK IN the lowest rate for the entire program length


Hard to choose? A Vyaire team member is a call away at 800.231.2466.


Program Benefits Biomed Part. Prevent. Maint. Total Service
Travel and on-site service support by factory-trained, certified technicians for repairs - - +
bellavista service parts for repairs - - +
Freight charges for repair/exchange parts to and from the Customer location (UPS Ground) - - +
Loaner bellavista ventilatorit - - +
O2 sensors and batteries - - +
O2 sensors and batteries - - +
Software maintenance updates: revisions to original versions of software - - +
10% discount: software upgrades (features not included in the original software version) - - +
Travel and on-site service support by factory-trained, certified technicians to complete annual Preventive Maintenance (PM) - + +
PM kit (one annually) - + +
Service report provided - + +
Technical support phone assistance + + +
25% discount: O2 sensors and batteries + + +
10% discount: bellavista service parts + + +
10% discount: labor not covered by program + + +
10% discount: bellavista PM kits + - -
Bellavista technical training tuition
• 1-Year program: 1 person
• 5-Year program: up to 3 peoples
+ - -
Bellavista technical training ongoing development webinar subscription + - -

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