Smaller, Reusable ApexPro FH Telemetry Adapter Now Available

Smaller, Reusable ApexPro FH Telemetry Adapter Now Available

CHICAGO - October 3, 2019 - Vyaire Medical has announced the U.S. availability of its smaller, reusable ApexPro FH telemetry adapter for use with the GE ApexPro FH System. 

Designed with input from clinicians, the new version of the adapter connects to the GE ApexPro FH telemetry system. The smaller design offers a more secure connection making it easier for patients to move about the hospital while receiving ECG monitoring. The adapter can be used in conjunction with Vyaire's Multi-Link™ X2 ECG portfolio.

"The new ApexPro FH adapter demonstrates our commitment to putting customers and patients first.  The smaller size improves patient comfort and mobility.  The compatibility with our disposable leadwires reduces cross-contamination exposure, because the leadwires can stay with the patient throughout the hospital.  Both lead to improved patient outcomes, which is a win for everyone." Joel Brandon, VP Marketing, Vyaire Medical.

The ApexPro FH uses one of our Multi-Link X2 solutions that allows for standardization of single patient use leadwires across multiple monitoring platforms including: GE, Philips, Mindray, Nihon Kohden and Spacelabs. Additionally, the new adapter helps optimize patient flow through the hospital allowing patients increased mobility. 

Infection prevention is a key metric in healthcare systems. By using our single patient use leadwires it can help eliminate the risk of cross contamination often seen with reusable leadwires. 

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