fabian™ Therapy evolution

fabian™ Therapy evolution

The fabian™ Therapy evolution is a complete and highly advanced non-invasive ventilator featuring all classic and modern NIV modes, including HFNC, nCPAP, duoPAP, and triggered duoPAP. The next generation of closed-loop oxygenation, PRICO is available in this model.

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The Next Generation of Closed-Loop Oxygenation

Every newborn is special. PRICO (Predictive Intelligent Control of Oxygenation) is the next generation of Intelligent Closed-Loop FiO2-SpO2 Controls, maintaining the patient's SpO2 within the intended range. Together with the Masimo Set® SpO2-Sensors, its unique algorithm and high-performance blender now perform FiO2 adjustments automatically, quickly, and more reliably than ever before.

PRICO not only supports caregivers in their daily goal for best possible patient comfort and safety, but also helps clinicians save time, reduce cost, and improve their workflow.

PRICO will keep you within your target range more reliably than normal manual adjustment.

Author & Title
Therapy Comparison
Matthias C. Hütten et al.
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Manual versus fully automated FiO2 control
Fully automated FiO2 control was applicable in rapidly changing physiologic conditions during postnatal resuscitation and surfactant replacement therapy and in stable conditions during subsequent ventilation.
Anton H. van Kaam et al.
Automated versus Manual Oxygen Control with Different Saturation Targets and Modes of Respiratory Support in Preterm Infants.
Manual versus fully automated FiO2 control
Automated-FiO2 control improved SpO2 targeting across different SpO2 ranges and reduced hypoxemia in preterm infants on noninvasive and invasive respiratory support.
Carlo Dani, MD
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Literature review
Automated devices are significantly more effective than manual control in maintaining SpO2 within selected ranges and in preventing hyperoxia, while they seem to be less effective in preventing hypoxia...

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