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Micro Medical

Micro Medical

Micro Medical is a globally recognised brand in the field of portable spirometry and smoking cessation. The product portfolio covers a range of hand held, desktop and PC based spirometers, respiratory muscle analyzer for mouth and nasal pressures, exhaled carbon monoxide monitors, as well as a range of associated software.

Over 30 years’ experience in the design and development of Portable Respiratory Diagnostics

About Micro Medical

Established in 1983, Micro Medical pioneered the development of the first turbine spirometer. Micro Medical turbines are extremely stable and accurate and are unaffected by temperature, altitude or humidity.

The introduction of the turbine allowed spirometers to be truly portable. Tests could be performed away from the pulmonary function laboratory and instead, in out-patient clinics, bedside and home environments.

Our aim is to be the market leaders in the design and manufacture of electronic medical devices, continually developing and enhancing our products to remain at the forefront of new technology and customer needs.

Micro Medical is now part of Vyaire. Vyaire's Respiratory Diagnostics (RDx) division is active in over 120 countries with Headquarters in the U.K, Germany and USA.

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A range of portable, handheld, desktop and PC based spirometers, suitable for all applications.


Smoking cessation

Measuring exhaled carbon monoxide with immediate results and conversion to %COHB, and "traffic light" indicators.

MicroRPM Respiratory Muscle Testing

Respiratory Muscle measurements

Mouth and nasal respiratory measurements suitable for adults and paediatric use.