Product Returns

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your continued support.  Your efforts are supporting the care and treatment of patients affected by COVID-19 across the United States.

Vyaire Medical, Inc. is proud to provide you with the quality, world-class, respiratory products you have come to expect.  During this time, we are experiencing a demand for our products with purchase orders far exceeding order history.  We recognize that Vyaire’s products are critical components in the delivery of healthcare, and therefore, are working diligently to fill these orders.  We are asking that all of our distribution partners monitor stock levels closely.

In response to COVID-19, we have increased production on numerous products that are experiencing increased demand as the healthcare community mobilizes to treat those impacted.  We will continue to closely monitor inventory to effectively manage logistics, product allocation, and distribution, providing updates as necessary.

Given this public health emergency and Vyaire’s efforts to provide as many critically needed products to the healthcare community, Vyaire will not accept returns on products purchased after April 3, 2020.  Products purchased pursuant to a Capital Ventilation price quotation will remain subject to the return policy set forth therein.

This policy supersedes and replaces any prior versions of any existing terms and conditions.  We are submitting this document to ensure that your company is aware of this change when placing any large orders during this time.  Also, please be aware that any shipment that is refused or returned to Vyaire will be billed in its entirety unless otherwise agreed.

We appreciate your understanding of the changing circumstances as we continue actively working to best meet the needs of our customers.  Thank you for being a part of the solution to treating this unprecedented crisis.


Lesley Fronio

SVP/GM, Consumables Franchise