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Gaurav Agarwal, CEO
A Message to the Respiratory Care Community
At Vyaire, our goal is to ensure our global suppliers, distributors, customers and colleagues have the products and information needed to address this global health crisis. We want to provide information that communicates our proactive planning and risk mitigation activities to reduce risk of stock out and ensure consistent access to our products.
Gaurav Agarwal

Clearing the Air

White papers, podcasts, and product information to fuel your ongoing response to COVID-19.


Is Vyaire a global company?

Yes, Vyaire is a global company with more than 27,000 SKUs sold in more than 100 countries.

What distinguishes Vyaire from other companies offering respiratory care products?

Vyaire is the only pure-play company of its kind, focused exclusively on respiratory solutions. We are intent on being a recognized innovator in all market segments. Vyaire is also focused on helping customers reduce variability and improve patient outcomes.

What is the origin of the Vyaire name?

Vyaire was selected from among 1,700+ names submitted in a worldwide employee survey. "V" is present in many of our legacy brands and represents several words our work seeks to bring to customers and their patients, including vitality, viability and value. "Air" is essential to all we do.

Where is Vyaire headquartered?

Vyaire is headquartered at 26125 North Riverwoods Boulevard, Mettawa, Illinois, USA 60045

Will the name of the products change to Vyaire?

Product labeling will transition to Vyaire over the next few years. This will happen over time because changes to product labels involve regulatory approvals by local governments.

Resources and Training

A series of operator manuals, training resources, and other tools to help you learn to safely use all our products.


Contact us for product information or questions about Vyaire’s response to COVID-19.
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