Florida Hospital case study

Learn how the enFlow® system delivers successful, consistent results

This case study will take you through the enFlow system at Florida Hospital.


Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida.


According to the Director of Surgical Services, the existing fluid warmer in the OR was difficult to set up, discouraging use by staff. 


After evaluating the enFlow system in 2009, the Anesthesia department installed more than 210 units based on the IV tubing compatibility, easily transportable warming cartridge and ease of use. 


Due to the enFlow system's success, the department is currently considering and installing it in many other areas of the hospital.

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"The enFlow system is 100% compatible with regular IV tubing, so there are no additional product codes to purchase. That has helped justify our using the system for more pre-warming cases.”

Julio Rivera
Anesthesia Technician Supervisor