Accurately assess breathing with cRIP

The QDC-Pro device uses calibrated respiratory inductive plethysmography (cRIP) method to closely estimate breathing movements from the thorax and abdominal walls. This approach helps you accurately assess disordered breathing for sleep apnea testing and treatment.

Enhanced apnea and hypopnea detection

cRIP is a recommended sensor for apnea and hypopnea detection.

Wide age range accommodation

Sleep medicine physicians can use the QDC-Pro for patients older than 2 years of age.

Increased titration accuracy

cRIP helps accurately titrate patient therapy while calibrated flow-volume loops help reduce over- and under-titration.

Easy implementation

The QDC-Pro provides an easy patient hook-up.

Apnea, hypopnea and RERA identification

Within the SomnoStar® sleep system, real-time tools support apnea, hypopnea and RERA monitoring and identification.

More diagnostic channels

The QDC-Pro offers more diagnostic channels than the original QDC device.

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