Micro Diary

Capture data and electronic patient-reported outcome by hand

The compact and fully portable Micro Diary data-recording home spirometer is specifically designed to monitor patients at home.

Data recording

The device can record PEF, FEV1, FVC or FEV6 and loop data with symptom score and questions.

Data customization

A PC application lets you set measurements and recordings. You can also upload results to view and produce reports.

Pre-memory stamping

All results are date and time stamped before the device saves them into the large non-volatile memory.

Easy use

The universal keypad and easy-to-read screen on the home spirometry device ease use.


With unrestricted protocol creation and re-programmable devices, the solution is cost-effective for clinical trials.

Standards compliance

The device complies with 2005 ATS/ERS standards.

Data storage

The large, non-volatile memory can store months of data.

Time support

The device provides five independent time windows a day, including reminder alarms.

Audible and visual spirometry

The device provides audible and visual spirometry quality checks along with configurable warning options.

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Spirometry software

We conveniently provide software downloads and updates for our Micro Medical spirometry devices.