SentrySuite® software (SeS)

Integrate respiratory software applications

SentrySuite® software (SeS) provides clinically intelligent respiratory diagnostics to help improve testing, review and connectivity. In effect, it can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.

Mixed data import

Importing data from network environments, SeS can help you manage data. This set-up also lets you transition a lab without replacing it.

One workspace

Aspects from multiple applications appear in one workspace location, so you can toggle between them without leaving.

User-friendly interface

The UI offers a smoothly functioning workspace to maximize workflow while minimizing clicks and screen changes.

Easy-to-follow instruction

An easy-to-follow application provides instructions and graphics that help technicians collect data.

Internet data access

Sentry.NET with the software lets you easily access, view, interpret and sign data.


Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 comes standard, enabling database scalability without compromising performance.

Seamless EMR interfacing

Our SentryConnect solution seamlessly interfaces with electronic medical records.

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