Sentry.NET software

Remotely access the SentrySuite® patient database

Sentry.NET software provides remote intranet access to SentrySuite (SeS) respiratory data. Using a standard internet browser, the software lets you easily access, view, interpret and sign diagnostics information.

Quick and easy adoption

Sentry.NET uses the same workspace design, filters, reports, interpretative statements and macros as SeS software.

Test quality viewing

The software lets you view respiratory diagnostic test quality (based on 2005 ATS/ERS criteria) and technician comments.

Layout optimization

The workspace optimizes the data layout on the screen while minimizing mouse clicks, screen changes and overlays.

Record tracking

Easy-to-recognize, color-coded status flags help track patient records as they move through the laboratory workflow.

Convenient filters

Individual work lists can be created and stored, and patient records can be viewed minimally or completely.

Automated options

The software offers multiple automated interpretation options with manual physician overwrite.

Templates and macros

The software offers consistent physician interpretive statements with easy-to-format templates and macros.

Seamless EMR interfacing

SentryConnect seamlessly interfaces with your electronic medical record (EMR).

Sentry.NET client requirements
Browser: Internet Explorer 9 for Windows® 7 SP 1
Internet Explorer 10 for Windows® 8.1
Silverlight version: Microsoft® Silverlight 5.1

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