Tango® automated blood pressure monitor

Run exercise testing with bikes and treadmills

The Tango® automated blood pressure monitor was designed specifically for bikes and treadmills. It uses patented Orbit-K cuffs for measurement accuracy and patient comfort during exercise. Plus, proprietary Dimensional K-Sound Analysis (DKA) provides excellent noise filtering.

Manual or automated invocation

Blood pressure measurements can be invoked manually from the Tango monitor or automatically from a stress ECG system.

Adult cuff option

The Tango monitor package comes with small, adult, adult plus and adult large cuff/mike as standard. 

Quick blood pressure measurement

The STAT button can run repeated blood pressure measurements.

Noise filtering

The Tango monitor uses proprietary algorithms that filter K-sounds from other noise during testing.

Blood pressure measurement options

The monitor measures blood pressure using auscultation and R-wave gating.

Improved safety and performance

The monitor enables you to view blood pressure trended over time to improve patient safety and performance.

Data sharing

The monitor shares all required data with the main metabolic cart.

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