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3100A High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator

The 3100A HFOV is the only high frequency oscillatory ventilator approved in the United States for early intervention in treating...


3100B High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator

Our 3100B High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator provides high-performance mechanical ventilation for adult and pediatric (> 35 kg)...


Avea™ CVS

For clinicians and administrators in the acute care environment, the Avea™ CVS is a comprehensive ventilation system with the complete...


Bird™ Blender high flow

The versatile Bird Blender high flow is ideal for use with ventilators while providing flows to a flow meter.


Bird™ Blender low flow

Our Bird Blender low flow features a flow range of 3 to 30 LPM with no gas bleed flow, or 0 to 30 LPM with a minimal 2.5 to 3.5 LPM gas...


Bird™ Sentry 2 Blender

Our new Bird™ Sentry 2 Blender features an integrated oxygen analyzer/monitor. Available in both high and low flow models.


Infant Flow® SiPAP system

The Infant Flow SiPAP system provides noninvasive support that works with a respiratory-compromised infant. It offers different...


Knowledge Portal for ventilator therapy

Knowledge Portal for ventilator therapy provides actionable information to help measure clinical and process variability and improve...


LTM II® Graphics Monitor

The LTM Graphics Monitor is a slender color monitor for LTV Series ventilators.


LTV® 1000 ventilator

The ideal portable ventilator for air and ground military transport.


LTV® 1100 ventilator

The LTV 1100 ventilator is our basic ventilator ideal for home care patients ≥ 5 kgs who only require low pressure oxygen with pressure...


LTV® 1150 ventilator

The LTV 1150 ventilator is ideal for home care patients ≥ 5 kgs who only require low pressure oxygen and up to 6 hours of wall...


LTV® 1200 MR conditional system

The LTV 1200 MR conditional system is a complete package that includes the MR conditional LTV 1200 ventilator, stand and 15’ circuit...


LTV® 1200 Series ventilator

The LTV 1200 ventilator is ideal for hospital to home care patients ≥ 5 kgs who require high or low pressure oxygen, delivering up to 6...


LTV® Series 1000, 950, 900 ventilator circuits

LTV Series 1000, 950 and 900 patient circuits are PEEP circuits for the LTV 1000, 950 and 900 ventilators. They come in...


LTV® Series 1200, 1150 patient circuits

LTV Series 1200 and 1150 patient circuits from CareFusion are PEEP-less circuits for the LTV 1200 and 1150 ventilators.



The OmniBlender is designed with multiuse in mind.


ReVel® ventilator | PTV Series

The rugged ReVel ventilator provides the critical tools and high-level performance needed by air and ground emergency medical...


SprintPack™ Battery Lithium-Ion Power System

The SprintPack Battery Lithium-Ion Power System gives you big capability in a small package.



The UltraBlender has the same specifications as the Bird™ Blender low flow but with two pressure compensated flow meters.

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