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CardioSoft ECG

Our CardioSoft 12-lead ECG integrates with Vmax ® metabolic carts to help comprehensively differentiate the cause of exertional...


Lode bikes

Our Corival Adult, Corival Pediatric and Corival Recumbent ergometers are made to perform well while accommodating patients.


MasterScreen™ CPX metabolic cart

This cart measures breath-by-breath CPET and energy expenditure with automated calibrations and interpretive support.


Nonin 7500 pulse oximeter

The Nonin 7500 pulse oximeter can easily fit on a tabletop or our metabolic carts with its uniquely low-profile design.


Oxycon™ mobile device

This wireless, portable breath-by-breath cardiopulmonary stress testing system has a telemetry range of up to 1,000 m in line of sight.


Professional services

We provide high-end IT-related professional services for lung function testing, metabolic testing and sleep diagnostics products.


Sentry.NET software

Sentry.NET software lets you remotely access the SentrySuite patient database to view, interpret, sign and escalate information.


SentrySuite® software (SeS)

SentrySuite software (SeS) provides clinically intelligent diagnostics while helping improve productivity and efficiency.


Tango® automated blood pressure monitor

The Tango automated blood pressure monitor is designed specifically for use with bikes and treadmills.


TMX428CP treadmill

The Trackmaster TMX428CP treadmill features smooth belt operation and an easy-to-access low-profile deck for clinical and sports...


VIAsprint™ 150P and Ergoselect 600 Recumbent Ergometer

The VIAsprint bike is mechanically constructed for uninterrupted operation.


Vmax Vyntus™ CPX

Vmax Vyntus CPX helps accurately and reliably measure ventilation, VO2 and VCO2 for people from patients to athletes.


Vmax Vyntus™ ECG

Vmax Vyntus ECG is lightweight and developed for wireless integration via Bluetooth ® technology with the versatile Vmax Vyntus CPX...


Vmax® Encore metabolic cart

The Vmax Encore metabolic cart offers cardiopulmonary stress testing and indirect calorimetry testing as a stand-alone device or with a...


Vyntus WALK

The Vyntus WALK lets patients take a six-minute walk test (6MWT) wearing wireless sensors that communicate data to a tablet PC.