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Incentive spirometers

Our incentive spirometers are designed to measure breathing—even for patients who want to monitor their own breathing exercises—with...


IOS spirometry

IOS spirometry has shown more sensitivity under resting conditions than spirometry in measuring small airway obstruction and...


MasterScreen™ Pneumo spirometer

The MasterScreen Pneumo PC spirometer uses software that helps improve patient testing and lab productivity, and manage patient...


Micro Diary

The Micro Diary spirometer is a compact and fully portable data-recording spirometer specifically designed for home spirometry.


Micro I

The Micro I is a handheld spirometer with a modern, ergonomic design and many appealing features.

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MicroLab™ spirometer

The MicroLab portable spirometer runs physician office or bedside spirometry testing, connecting to SPCS...

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MicroLoop spirometer

This small spirometer supports open- and closed-loop spirometry testing including pre- and...

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PulmoLife™ monitor

This COPD screening monitor measures FEV1 and FEV1%, showing smokers their lung damage and calculating their...

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Vmax Vyntus™ SPIRO

Vmax Vyntus SPIRO works with a stationary PC for accurate lung function testing and with a compact notebook for portable spirometry.