Passive humidification

Protect patients with high-quality HMEs and other support for humidification and filtration

Our extensive AirLife™ portfolio of humidification systems offers heat and moisture exchangers—unfiltered HMEs and filtered HMEFs, filters, non-heated circuits and accessories—for all patient sizes and utilization throughout the care continuum.

AirLife™ filters

Our AirLife line offers bacterial/viral and HEPA filters featuring low flow resistance and high-efficiency hydrophobic filtration.

Bypass heat and moisture exchangers

Our bypass heat and moisture exchanger technology helps you deliver aerosolized medication treatments without breaking the circuit.

Edith HME

Our Edith heat and moisture exchangers (HME) can help prevent complications from drying oral mucosa.

Heat and moisture exchangers

Our HMEs keep a closed system to help minimize the risk of cross-contamination while reducing the occurrence of lung derecruitment.

Non-heated circuits and accessories

We offer high-performing non-heated ventilator circuits and accessories to help you meet passive humidification needs.

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