Infant care

Take care to keep newborns and infants healthy

After birth, each newborn has a unique set of needs that you must quickly assess and act on. Our neonatal intensive care supplies and accessories are specifically designed and tested with GE incubators and warmers to help deliver exceptional neonatal care.

AirLife™ MSD

The AirLife MSD allows you to suction meconium from an infant trachea in fewer steps using an integrated tracheal tube, suction adapter and stylet.

AirLife™ phototherapy pad covers and nests

Our ultra-soft and disposable pad covers and nests help you provide intensive therapy.

Infant temperature probes

Our skin temperature probes are designed and tested to help premature infants maintain normothermia.

T-piece resuscitator kits

Our T-piece resuscitator helps enable clinicians to provide respiratory support to the most delicate neonatal patients.

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