AirLife™ high-performance, heated circuits and chamber for adults

One patient, one circuit for up to 30 days

AirLife™ high-performance, heated circuits support AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines, yield cost savings through utilization and help improve workflow efficiencies. Preassembled, ready-to-use circuit components are made without DEHP, BPA or latex and are available kitted with humidification chamber.

Extended use for up to 30 days

Made of lightweight and flexible corrugated tubing, circuits are designed to support longer ICU stays.

Automatic feed capability

Humidification chamber minimizes temperature spikes that may increase the risk of condensate in the circuit.

Deliver ideal humidity output

The structured spiral wire's design closely hugs the corrugated tubing wall for ideal heat distribution.

Durable chamber design

Humidification chamber can be used with high frequency ventilation.

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