Active humidification

Deliver humidification during invasive mechanical ventilation

Humidification systems must deliver ideal humidity in invasive mechanical ventilation for intubated patients. Studies show that gases conditioned to body temperature, 37 °C, and fully saturated with 44 mg/L of water vapor, optimize mucociliary clearance, supporting patients' airway defense and ventilation to naturally emulate the airway.

AirLife™ high-performance, heated circuits and chamber for adults

AirLife™ high-performance, heated circuits are cleared for 30 days of use to support longer ICU stays.

AirLife™ high-performance, heated circuits and chamber for infants

Made without DEHP, BPA or latex, AirLife™ high-performance heated circuits for infants support your smallest and most sensitive patients.

Intersurgical heated circuit for adults

Intersurgical® heated circuits and chamber are used in conjunction with Fisher & Paykel heated humidification systems.

Inhalation water solutions

Our inhalation water solutions come in flexible containers that help minimize the risk of contamination.

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