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Bird™ Blender low flow

Our Bird Blender low flow features a flow range of 3 to 30 LPM with no gas bleed flow, or 0 to 30 LPM with a minimal 2.5 to 3.5 LPM gas...


Bird™ Sentry 2 Blender

Our new Bird™ Sentry 2 Blender features an integrated oxygen analyzer/monitor. Available in both high and low flow models.


Broselow® system

The Broselow system provides accurate medication dosing and immediate access to crucial pre-sized emergency equipment.


Bypass heat and moisture exchangers

Our bypass heat and moisture exchanger technology helps you deliver aerosolized medication treatments without breaking the circuit.


Cardiac output

We offer cardiac output supplies that are designed and tested specifically for GE Healthcare equipment.


CardioSoft ECG

Our CardioSoft 12-lead ECG integrates with Vmax ® metabolic carts to help comprehensively differentiate the cause of exertional...


Closed suction catheters and airway adapters

Our closed suction catheters and Verso adapters facilitate access to patient airways while helping maintain continuous ventilation.


Continuous medication nebulizers

Our continuous medication nebulizers provide reliable, flexible and consistent continuous nebulization.


ECG supplies

Our comprehensive portfolio of ECG cables, leadwires, electrodes and paper are designed for GE Healthcare equipment.


Edith HME

Our Edith heat and moisture exchangers (HME) can help prevent complications from drying oral mucosa.


enFlow® fluid warming system

The enFlow system warms blood, blood products and intravenous solutions rapidly and automatically to the target of 40 °C.


ETCO2 monitors

Our ETCO2 monitors clearly display ETCO2 data for portable or tabletop capnography.


Fetal spiral electrodes

Our fetal spiral electrodes provide accurate fetal heart rate monitoring. They are designed for use with GE Corometrics monitors.


Flow meters and integrated flow meters

We offer innovative flow meters that are available in a wide variety of gases and configurations.


FreeFlow™ mouthpiece

The FreeFlow mouthpiece uniquely positions and holds down the tongue during pulmonary function testing.


GreenBright™ single-patient-use laryngoscope system

The Vital Signs GreenBright portfolio of single-patient-use laryngoscopes includes the full range of green standard handles and...


GreenLight™ laryngoscope system

Our GreenLight laryngoscope system is comprised of comfortable, sturdy handles and single-use blades. The bright LED light illuminates...


Heat and moisture exchangers

Our HMEs keep a closed system to help minimize the risk of cross-contamination while reducing the occurrence of lung derecruitment.


High flow oxygen and noninvasive circuits

These universal, disposable AirLife™ smooth bore respiratory circuits help support noninvasive respiratory needs.


High-efficiency medication nebulizers

Our high-efficiency medication nebulizers offer breath-enhanced medication delivery.

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