enFlow® fluid warming system

Deliver the right temperature in the right place, at the right time

The enFlow® fluid warming system rapidly and automatically warms blood, blood products and IV solutions to 40 °C, helping prevent hypothermia. By warming fluids with accuracy, mobility and speed, the enFlow system can help providers deliver higher-quality care to more patients.


The system automatically warms fluids to 40 ± 2 °C with multiple sensors to ensure fluid temperature accuracy.


The small single-patient-use cartridge remains in-line for continous patient warming, across the care continuum.


Easy to use, the system rapidly warms fluids to the temperature set point, so you do not need to wait on warming.

Vyaire has developed this short calculator to help you estimate how increasing levels of patient warming in your facility may help reduce the adverse clinical outcomes and negative financial effects associated with hypothermia.

Step 1. Enter the number of procedures your hospital performs annually.

Step 2. Enter the percentage of patients you estimate will become hypothermic during care (research shows that 50 to 90% of perioperative patients develop hypothermia).1

Step 3. See how a reduction in the percentage of hypothermia cases lowers costs.

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Explore how the enFlow system brings accuracy, mobility and speed to fluid warming.

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Watch this series of short videos demonstrating the differentiated features and benefits of the enFlow fluid warming system.

enFlow system at work

See the enFlow system at work across care areas within the healthcare setting.

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