Medisorb® CO2 absorbent

Use a unique formulation for cost-effectiveness and high performance

The Medisorb® CO2 absorbent product line supports GE Healthcare anesthesia machines. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, it is specifically designed to help change out absorbers simply. It is also available in a low-alkaline formulation, Medisorb EF.

Medisorb soda lime

Medisorb soda lime consistently absorbs approximately 150 L of CO2 per kg, contains less than 0.5% dust and delivers about 15% moisture.

Multi-absorber disposable canister

An integrated filter helps trap dust and maintains humidity levels. It is available with Medisorb or Medisorb EF.

Medisorb EF

Medisorb EF minimizes risk of compound A and carbon monoxide, contains less than 0.6% dust and delivers around 15% moisture.

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