Anesthesia breathing circuits

Choose from our extensive line of corrugated, expandable and single-limb circuits

Our Vital Signs® breathing circuits are available for the entire range of patients who require anesthesia from neonatal, pediatric, adult and specialty procedures.

Corrugated and expandable design

All of our circuits are made with only premium-quality materials and have proven reliable during use.

Single-limb design

Our single-limb circuits provide gas delivery, heat retention and a circle breathing system.

General anesthesia system customization

Our customized kits let you add the components you need during a routine case such as ECG and suction.

Discover the benefits of Limb-O single limb

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Infection prevention with disposable breathing circuits

Find out how our Limb-O™ breathing circuit and custom disposable circuit kits provide a safe alternative to reusable circuits.

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