Anesthesia delivery

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Our anesthesia delivery devices include industry firsts in air-filled cushion face masks, the Limb-O™ single-tube, dual-lumen breathing circuit, and individually packaged, single-use laryngoscope blades. Incorporating innovation, these products maintain repute for high quality and clinical value.

Airway access devices

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of airway access devices that provide multiple options for securing and maintaining patient airways.

General anesthesia consumables

Our comprehensive portfolio of general anesthesia consumables help achieve high-quality, cost-effective anesthetic care.

SuperNO2VA™ nasal PAP ventilation system

The SuperNO2VA™ nasal PAP ventilation device delivers both positive airway pressure and oxygen to reduce the risk of hypoxemia due to upper airway obstruction of sedated patients in a perioperative setting.

Temperature solutions

Our innovative temperature management portfolio includes probes, cables and the enFlow® fluid warming system.

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Anesthesia Delivery
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