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SomnoStar™ z4 Sleep System

Full PSG sleep diagnostic system

SomnoStar z4 Sleep System offers a comprehensive feature set that allows for a complete and thorough diagnostic test. Our integrated database allows for detailed tracking and reporting of patients through the arc of care.

SomnoStar calibrated RIP technology (cRIP) captures and documents Upper Airway Resistance (UARS) by illustrating the inspiratory arm of the flow volume loop where other companies cannot. View More...

cRIP quantifies the difference of breaths against the baseline breath to take the guess-work out of hypopneas. View More...

Use cRIP to optimize your CPAP titrations and maximize comfort with CPAP device.

Our sleep staged Heart Rate Variability analysis allows you to watch for invariant heart rate control that is often associated with disease processes such as heart failure and diabetes. View More...

Lab Manager is an integrated sleep/wake tracking and querying database that you can use to help document your clinical and financial outcomes to insurance companies. View More...

Our Lab Manager custom word reporting gives each user the ability to create their own reports using Microsoft Word interfaced with our relational database. View More...

Our VLINK system not only interfaces with your EMR system, but it can also save money for facilities who have other Vyaire instruments in other departments.

Somnostar Specifications
AC Channels: 23 inputs, I common
CHANNELS Type: Referential
Lead type: EEG/EMG
HHF: 100Hz
DC Channels: 12
CHANNELS Input: -5.0V to 5.0V
HFF: 70Hz
Input noise: <2µV peak to peak RTI
Common mode rejection: >100 dB, all channels at 50/60Hz 
Noise: <1.5µV 0.1-100 Hz
Impedance check range: 0-50 Kohms, at 10 Hz sine wave or square wave, resolution 0.1 kohms, accuracy + 5%, + 0.2 kohms
Calibration check:  0.1 Hz square wave, 50µV p, and 50µV peak to peak
Patient sink current: <20µA
Chassis ground, lead to lead: <10µA
Isolation voltage: >3,000 VAC RMS from Pt.
Amplifier size:  7.5 H x 18.5 W x 17 D cm 
(2-15/16" x 7-5/16" x 6-3/4") 
1.407 kg (3.1 lbs)
Quality system registration: ISO 9001/ISO 13485 
FDA: 510(k) market clearance
93/42/EEC: CE marked
Electrical safety: EN 60601-1
EMC: EN 60601-1-2

Due to continual product innovation, Vyaire designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

X=Standard O=Optional
Sleep diagnostic testing1-bed z4NOX-T3
Laboratory based YES
Portable screening YES
QDC (Flow volume loops using calibrated RIP) X
Standard RIP X
Digital video, basic O
Digital video, premium O
Digital video installation O
Terabyte data storage O O
Monitor size 24" 20", 24", laptop
Lab manager X
Flow Volume loops X
Digital video O
Create review X
AASM guidelines X
Autoscore X
Word reports X
Extended connectivity
Bi-directional HL7 (GDT) HIS communication O O
HIPAA security O O
Extended warranty options O

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