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AVEA™ ventilator

Our AVEA ventilator system versatility delivers invasive and noninvasive mechanical ventilation for neonatal, paediatric and adult...


Bird Blender low flow

Perfect for air, ground, and in-house transports as well as infant applications, the Low Flow MicroBlender features a flow range of 3...


Bird™ Blender high flow

The versatile Bird MicroBlender features delivery of accurate FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of...


Bird™ Sentry 2 Blender

Our new Bird™ Sentry 2 Blender features an integrated oxygen analyser/monitor. Available in both high and low flow models.



The OmniBlender is designed for use in multiple applications.



The UltraBlender has the same specifications as the Low Flow MicroBlender but includes two pressure compensated flow meters mounted to...