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Provides accuracy and simplicity, fast response time, 1ppm resolution, immediate display of CO levels in PPM and %COHb and colour light...


MicroGard™ filter

Bacterial and viral filtration with low resistance to airflow. Now available in 2 interface shapes - oval for improved patient comfort...


MicroLab Spirometer

Portable Spirometer used in physicians' offices or for bedside testing. Print directly from MicroLab or connect to our new SPCS...


MicroLoop™ Spirometer

PDA-sized spirometer for open/closed loop spirometry testing, including pre/post bronchodilator, incentives, trending and USB...


MicroPeak™ peak flow meter

The MicroPeak is a precision peak flow meter offered with either the ATS or EU scale.


MicroRPM Respiratory Muscle Testing

The MicroRPM (Respiratory Pressure meter) brings together the measurements of inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures (MIP/MEP) with...


MiniMe™ nasal mask

The MiniMe Nasal Mask from Vyaire is the noninvasive answer, uniquely engineered by top professionals in the industry and hailed by...


Mojo™ full face mask

The Mojo Full Face Mask from Vyaire features a contoured shell that follows the curves of the human face, bending easily inward and...


Nasal cannulas

Our nasal cannulas are validated for compatibility with GE CARESCAPE™ respiratory modules. Adult and paediatric options are available,...


Networking & Database Support

Vyaire Cardio Pulmonary Diagnostics Sleep Diagnostics provides high-end professional services for multiple Vyaire diagnostic products.


Nonin™ 7500 Pulse Oximeter

The Nonin™ 7500 from Vyaire has a unique low-profile design that enables it to fit easily on a tabletop or onto our metabolic carts.



The OmniBlender is designed for use in multiple applications.


Oral airways

Our wide array of single-use oral (oropharyngeal) airways are available in Guedel styles.


Oxycon mobile device

Wireless, portable breath-by-breath cardiopulmonary stress testing system, with telemetry range up to 1,000 m in line of sight and...


Oxygen Disposables

Our AirLife™ Oxygen Disposables portfolio helps you meet all of your patient’s needs through our comprehensive line of nasal cannulas,...


Perinatal transducer probes and belts

Designed with patient comfort in mind, our transducer probes and belts help monitor uterine activity throughout labour and birthing.


Pressure infusor bags

We design quality, dependable pressure infusors, available in three sizes for various clinical uses.


PulmoLife™ monitor

COPD screening monitor, measuring FEV1, FEV1%. Shows smokers the damage they are causing to their lungs by calculating their "Lung Age".


PureSom Headgear/Chinstrap

PureSom headgear/chinstraps from Vyaire are made with Breathe-O-Prene, a breathable material that allows air to flow, keeping your...


Qwik Connect Plus foetal spiral electrodes

Our Qwik Connect Plus foetal spiral electrodes provide accurate foetal heart monitoring. They are designed for use with GE Corometrics...

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