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Ergoselect 1200P Stress Echo Supine Ergometer

Microprocessor controlled eddy current brake stress echo supine ergometer with adjustable couch surface (0° - 45°), and the...


FreeFlow™ mouthpiece

The FreeFlow mouthpiece has a unique capability to position and hold down the tongue during pulmonary function testing.


Humidification and Filtration

Whether utilised in anaesthesia or critical care, the Vital Signs™ portfolio is recognised for maximum performance and reliability.


Infant Flow™ SiPAP system

The Infant Flow SiPAP system provides, noninvasive support that works with a respiratory-compromised infant. Offers different...


Invasive blood pressure

Our invasive blood pressure monitoring single and dual cables are uniquely constructed for GE Healthcare equipment.


IOS impulse spirometry

Based on the recording of a few tidal breaths, impulse oscillometry has demonstrated to be more sensitive under resting conditions than...


IQ nasal mask

The IQ nasal mask from Vyaire has a completely adjustable sealing surface that gives you an individually tailored fit in seconds.


Kurtis MSD suction catheter

Kurtis MSD lets you suction meconium from an infant trachea in fewer steps with an integrated tracheal tube, suction adapter and stylet.


LE 100-720CE

The HP Cosmos treadmills LE 100 – 720 CE are designed in accordance with safety and quality requirements in pulmonary, cardiology,...


Lode bikes

Corival cpet, Corival Pediatric, Corival Recumbent, and Excalibur Sport Ergometers.


LTM II Graphics Monitor

The LTM Graphics Monitor is a slender colour monitor for the LTV Series ventilators.


LTV Series Ventilator Parts and Accessories

The LTV Series quality Parts and Accessories from Vyaire enhance patient comfort and care.


LTV™ 1200, 1150 Series patient circuits

LTV 1200/1150 Patient Circuits from Vyaire are Peepless circuits for the LTV 1150 and 1200 ventilators.


MasterScreen BabyBody Plethysmograph

Test babies and premature infants in our transparent plethysmograph using technology that focuses on tidal breathing analysis and...


MasterScreen Body Plethysmography

Spacious cabin with integrated sensors for box and mouth pressure as well as easy-to-exchange, heated pneumotach for a determination of...


MasterScreen CPX metabolic cart

Performs breath-by-breath CPET and energy expenditure quickly and easily and provides you the same high quality data as our larger...


MasterScreen PFT System

Including both MasterScreen PFT and MasterScreen Body Diff with single-breath hold and non-breath hold diffusion tests, rebreathing...


Medisorb™ CO2 absorbent

Medisorb and Medisorb EF are uniquely formulated CO2 absorbents specifically for use with GE Healthcare anaesthesia machines.


Micro Diary

The Micro Diary spirometer is a compact and fully portable data recording spirometer specifically designed for patient spirometry...


Micro I

The Micro I is the newest handheld spirometer in the Vyaire/Micro Medical range with a modern ergonomic design and many appealing...

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