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Our AirLife™ collection of products encapsulate everything from non-heated circuits to oxygen masks to medication nebulizers - and much more. See for yourself today.

AirLife™ non-heated circuits

Vyaire's AirLife™ non-heated circuits and accessories provide a variety of configuration options for all sites of care and patient populations. Non-heated circuits can be used…

Oxygen Masks

AirLife™ oxygen masks

Designed for anatomical compatibility, Vyaire's AirLife disposable oxygen masks are latex-free and made from soft,…

Nasal Cannulas

Vyaire's AirLife™ oxygen therapy solutions offer a variety of nasal cannulas including soft lariat, foam cover and end-tidal CO2 (ETCO2) sampling styles.…

Oxygen Tubing

Vyaire offers an extensive line of disposable vinyl-tipped oxygen tubing with crush-resistant lumen to resist occlusion.

Choose from a variety of lengths ranging from 7…

Medication Nebulizers

Vyaire's AirLife™ Misty Fast™ Small Volume Nebulizer (SVN) is a small volume, high-efficiency air entrainment nebulizer that delivers comparable results to the AirLife™ Misty…

Oxygen Therapy

Vyaire’s AirLife™ oxygen therapy portfolio helps meet nearly every oxygen therapy need via our extensive range of AirLife nasal cannulas, oxygen masks and accessories. 


Our broad medication delivery and asthma management product offering meets nearly all respiratory medication delivery needs. Our AirLife™ Misty Fast™ and AirLife™ Misty Max 10™ nebulizers deliver aerosolized medication, and our valved holding chambers handle pMDI drug delivery.

Respiratory Medication Delivery

Our products meet nearly all respiratory medication delivery & asthma management needs. Highlights include the AirLife Misty Fast™ and AirLife™ Misty Max™ nebulizers - but there's plenty more as well.

Bubble Humidification/Large Volume Nebulizers

Vyaire's AirLife™ prefilled and dry humidifiers provide a cost-effective solution for sterile water inhalation. The prefilled humidifier product contains sterile water for…