SomnoStar™ Z4 Sleep System

With your investment in the SomnoStar™ system, you receive not only the most sought after sleep system on the market today, but also a partnership with a company dedicated to serving the sleep, respiratory, cardiac and neurology medical communities.

The SomnoStar™ z4 sleep system helps run a thorough diagnostic test using a comprehensive set of features. The integrated database enables close tracking and reporting on patients across the continuum of care.

Features & Benefits

  • Registered polysomnographic technologists man 24-hour live technical support to provide professional technical assistance whenever needed.
  • Hardware and software are American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) compliant
  • Utilize patented Calibrated Respiratory Flow Volume Loops to more accurately diagnose and treat sleep apnea patients
  • Utilizing SentryConnect, SomnoStar™ system seamlessly interfaces with EMR systems 
  • Because of the close relationship between sleep apnea and heart dysfunction, the Heart Rate Variability Graph was designed to provide a deeper analysis of a patient’s cardiac function throughout the entire night and display it in an easy-to-understand, one-page report
  • With Vyaire's LabManager report generator, interpretations can be created in just minutes

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