Respiratory Knowledge Portal (RKP)

Respiratory Knowledge Portal provides a comprehensive set of analytics, delivering actionable information to help clinicians improve respiratory care processes through improving consistency with protocols.  The suite of analytics consists of ventilator weaning, ventilator-associated event (VAE) surveillance, alarm policy compliance, sedation, and lung protection strategies.

RKP rounding dashboards enhance patient management by helping ICU clinicians increase efficiency in managing patients and reduce prolonged ventilation length of stay.

In addition to daily patient management, RKP provides process management tools enabling performance monitoring, problem areas discovery, and focus on best opportunities to improve.


Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive suite of analytics tools designed to enable clinical team to improve adherence to protocols.
  • By surveilling ventilator-associated conditions, it can help comply with CDC VAE surveillance and reporting requirements.
  • Cloud-based mobile-enabled application allows care teams to access data with internet access.

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RKP helps clinicians improve respiratory care processes

Data from studies have shown that using RKP could help improve weaning compliance and focused clinical process improvement.

Author & Title
Therapy Comparison
Michael Pedro MD, Brian Harvey PhD, Steven Cataldo MD
Outcomes Associated with Implementing the Respiratory Knowledge Portal (RKP) into Daily ICU Rounds: a Retrospective Observational Trial
The implementation of a computerized technology improved weaning compliance which substantially increased value for an average size hospital by reducing the incidence of VAE as well as the time on a mechanical ventilator and ICU LOS.
Ray R Maddox, PharmD; Harold JA Oglesby, BSPS, RRT; Ying P Tabak, PhD; Richard S Johannes, MD, MS
Improving Mechanical Ventilation Management Process Aided with an Analytics Informatics System in the Intensive Care Unit
Computerized ventilation data analytics systems could aid focused clinical process improvement. Continued refinement and effort are needed to further improve ventilator management effectiveness.

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