monsoon™ III Ventilator

A universal high frequency jet ventilator for procedures in laryngology, airway, thoracic and heart surgery and for applications in intensive care for patients with severe lung injuries, ARDS or bronchopleural fistulas.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated safety with alarm and stop functions
  • Integrated laser setup with O2 reduction below 40% concentration
  • Integrated heating and humidification
  • 9“ touchscreen display for information and intuitive adjustment
  • Continuous, adjustable bypass with conditioned air for entrainment applications

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High frequency Jet Ventilation

Superior ventilation for procedures where airway space matters

The monsoon series high frequency jet ventilators have set the standard in HfJV.

With a focus on delivering more space, HfJV is expanding its procedure range into more applications where chest motion control is an issue.  All procedures using a visualization system such as robotics, stereotactical, eltrophysiological, and lithotriptical approaches are a few potential HfJV supported applications.

Integrated gas conditioning enables ventilation for longer procedures.

Open connectivity for maximum flexibility

Patient specific tubes can be adapted for use with existing instrumentation (e.g., rigid bronchoscopes). Detachable MMI with touchscreen allow for position optimization and ergonomics.

Integrated setup support

Users receive setup guidelines after entering basic data about procedure, timeline and patient.

Author & Title
Therapy Comparison
Jeffrey Williams et al.
HfJV during Ablation
Motion reduction with HfJV
Using High Frequency Jet Ventilation allows a reduction of the patient movement.
T Principi et al.
HfJV with Laser Therapy
Carbon Dioxide monitorng during HfJV
The study confirms that HFJV may assure an effective CO2 elimination during rigid bronchoscopy and suggests that the TOSCA system allows a reliable estimation of ventilation efficiency, with increased sensitivity during PCO2 changes and the benefit of avoiding hypercapnia.
Karolina Galmen et al.
HfJV dring stereotactic liver ablation
Methodological study of HfJV during SLA
The mean Euclidean liver displacement was 0.80 (0.10 SD) mm and 2.90 (1.03 SD) mm for HFJV and TV respectively with maximum displacement going as far as 12 mm on standard ventilation (p=0.0001).
Peter Biro
Jet Ventilation for Surgical Interventions in the Upper Airway
Indications for High Frequency Jet Ventilation
High Frequency Jet Ventilation versatile technology for a lot of procedure in the upper airway.

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