Anyone involved in the field of smoking cessation is well aware of the dangers caused by cigarettes. What clinicians need is a means of quickly and effectively monitoring patients' breath Carbon Monoxide levels, and then convincingly persuading patients of the risks brought upon themselves by smoking.

The MicroCO is an easy-to-use device to detect carbon monoxide levels on the breath and clearly display them using color aids. With a slide switch, the clinician can convert the results to %COHb.

Features & Benefits

  • Measures alveolar carbon monoxide concentrations (in PPM) and percentage of carboxyhemoglobin
  • Measurements are easily obtained from a single expiration and are aided by an auto-zero function at turn on, combined with a breath hold countdown timer
  • The results are then instantly displayed on the large, easy-to-read display, and are visually represented by the appropriate color light indicator
  • The auto-zero function allows for immediate and successive testing of numerous patients
  • The device performs calibration at the push of a button
  • The MicroCO comes complete with accessories in a sturdy carry case

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