Medication Nebulizers

Vyaire's AirLife™ Misty Fast™ Small Volume Nebulizer (SVN) is a small volume, high-efficiency air entrainment nebulizer that delivers comparable results to the AirLife™ Misty Max 10™ nebulizer, in half the time. The one-piece jet design provides efficient, high output rates, for fast treatment times and consistent medication delivery. A full 10 cc capacity provides medication dosing flexibility. The anti-spill design helps prevent medication waste and allows the unit to be used at an angle to accommodate various patient positions. Misty Fast's swivel mouthpiece provides for greater patient positioning to enhance comfort during treatment.

Healthcare institutions today are revising their common practices by placing more emphasis on quality over quantity—to comply with a new set of incentives and penalties. One way respiratory departments can improve quality is by giving respiratory care practitioners more time at the bedside. A few extra minutes with patients can be used for one-on-one therapy with an emphasis on patient and caregiver education. This practice can help reduce readmissions and improve overall patient satisfaction and experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Treatment in half the time of the Airlife™ Misty Max 10™ SVN
  • Proprietary swivel mouthpiece allows various patient positioning
  • Unique, integrated jet and baffle design provides medication delivery consistency and reliability
  • Clear base with visible graduations facilitates medication loading and aerosol delivery visualization

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