MasterScreen™ PFT System

MasterScreen PFT powered by SentrySuite™ is an effective combination of robust hardware technology and innovative software platform. A complete, stabile and durable system made to stand the heaviest workload in your PFT lab. The concept behind MasterScreen PFT with SentrySuite™ proves that accuracy, reliability and low cost of operation can go hand in hand.

Features & Benefits

  • We individually build instruments to match customer-specific testing, review, interpretation and data accessibility needs
  • The rapid responding three gas analyzer measures real-time gas analysis independent of expired flow velocity
  • The choice of two body plethysmograph cabin sizes- standard cabin and extra wide cabin at 1350 liters
  • Our single-breath hold and non-breath hold diffusion tests are commonly used tools to more effectively diagnose and manage patients suffering from pulmonary fibrosis or pulmonary emphysema
  • Optional fully integrated nebulizer system APS Pro for bronchial challenge testing with optimal control or IOS Impulse Oscillometry option

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