Mar 8, 2019

CHICAGO - March 8, 2019 - Vyaire Medical today issued a Field Safety Notice regarding the enFlow® fluid warming system, recommending that EEA existing customers suspend using the device. 

Vyaire's decision to conduct a review of the enFlow® system and initiate this notice is based on recently conducted internal studies which indicate that customers should suspend use of Sterofundin with the enFlow® device at this time. 

Discussions with regulatory agencies and the data suggested in a study recently published in the journal Anesthesiadiscussing the potential for aluminum release in coated and un-coated fluid warming devices, including enFlow® , when used with Sterofundin, also factored into the decision to issue this notice. 

Vyaire is not aware of a single incident related to enFlow® in a clinical setting where aluminum was observed to have been transmitted to a patient in amounts above scientifically-recognized safe limits, nor have there been any reported adverse events related to aluminum toxicity.  

At Vyaire, we put patient safety above all else, and therefore take any data regarding the safety of our products seriously. We are taking active steps to suspend marketing activities globally, including placing the cartridges on ship-hold, while we conduct additional testing with other solutions to confirm their safety with the use of the enFlow® system. We anticipate having results in the very near future and plan to share such data with applicable regulatory bodies and customers. Vyaire is taking these precautionary measures consistent with its commitment to ensuring the safety of its products across a spectrum of solutions. 

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