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Mojo™ full face mask

CPAP mask

The Mojo Full Face Mask from Vyaire features a contoured shell that follows the curves of the human face, bending easily inward and outward for a comfortable fit. Air leakage is reduced by adjusting the headgear, as the dual beam element transfers the force of the straps to the center of the sleep mask. SleepNet's proprietary tension wheel fine-tunes the fit. SleepNet's unique magnetic clips facilitate quick and simple fitting of the mask. They easily click into position, securing the mask and keeping the straps in place. These clips also allow for a quick release of the mask, easy enough to do with one finger. The Mojo Full Face Mask, designed using strong, durable and medically approved materials, will easily withstand the rigors of lab or home use.

  • Our "Softer than Skin" gel helps seal masks without causing facial irritations and indentations.
  • The magnetic clips used to fasten the headgear are unique in how little pressure is needed to remove them, making the Mojo Full Face Mask perfect for patients that have trouble pressing on the little clips found on many masks in the market.

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