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IQ nasal mask

CPAP mask

The IQ Nasal Mask from Vyaire has an adjustable sealing surface that gives you an individually tailored fit in seconds. A pliable ring is molded in the flexible shell, which can be shaped quickly and easily to conform to facial contours. This unique feature, combined with our award-winning gel cushion, provides total adjustability and comfort in a smart design. The headgear connector on the mask makes attachment and removal simple. Based on market research and patient feedback, the IQ Nasal Mask features a three-point connection for greater stability and a wider range of fit. The connector rotates 180 degrees for a two-point connection to provide a clear field of view; simply rock the headgear connector away from the shell, rotate 180 degrees and press the connector back against the shell.

  • With a flexible shell that fits most facial structures, the IQ Nasal Mask helps reduce the number of SKUs you need to stock.
  • Our "Softer than Skin" gel helps seal masks without causing facial irritations and indentations.

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